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How to Juggle the Sell and Purchase of a Home It can be difficult knowing when to put your home up for sale in this market. Many homes, that are priced right, aggressively marketed, in good condition and in the right area, are selling pretty quickly. Also with the inventory low, it could take a little […]

6 Exterior Renovations to Increase Property Value Some home improvements will help increase the value of your home, as well as help it sell quicker. Here are 6 exterior renovations to increase property value. Make the front door visually appealing with a few simple updates. One thing to do is paint the trim and door, […]

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Appraisals – Know the Process Courtesy of the Think Melissa Team A subject that is always discussed with our buyers and sellers is the appraisal.  An appraisal is an expert estimate of the value of a property. An appraisal ordered by a lender for a buyer will most likely yield a more conservative value than an appraisal […]

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Home Buyers’ and Sellers’ Workshop Complimentary Home Buyers’ and Sellers’ Workshop presented by Melissa Krudwig, The Bear of Real Estate – Think Melissa Team and Dave Flashner with Success Mortgage Partners (NMLS 898799) on Saturday, April 16 from 10 AM – 12 PM at The Copper Coin in Woodstock. Register by Calling 404-793-BEAR (2327) or […]

Timing the Market Here is an interesting and informative blog about investing for your future and timing the market by our guest blogger and client, Andrew Messick, a personal finance coach. Be sure to check out his Facebook page, where you can get information on the class he teaches, “Let’s Get Fiscal.” https://www.facebook.com/letsgetfiscal101 Our very own, […]

10 Ways to Find Out About a Neighborhood without Being There 1. To find the general demographics of a neighborhood, you can check the 2010 Census website and the US Census Bureau’s map. http://www.census.gov/2010census/ http://www.census.gov/geo/maps-data/maps/datamapper.html 2. To find out what is notable and unique about the neighborhood, check out Neighborhood Scout. It will tell you information like […]