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10 Ways to Find Out About a Neighborhood without Being There

1. To find the general demographics of a neighborhood, you can check the 2010 Census website and the US Census Bureau’s map.



2. To find out what is notable and unique about the neighborhood, check out Neighborhood Scout. It will tell you information like the median home price, crime rates, and several unique features.


3. To determine the walkability of the community, check out the website Walk Score. This will tell you how easily you can walk to local establishments. For biking, check out Bike Score.



4. To get an idea what the neighborhood is like, you can look at the Walc app. This app will give you a 3D look at the neighborhood, including landmarks.


5. To determine the access to public transportation, check out the Transit Score. This will give you an idea as to the accessibility and more of the public transit system in the area.


6. To determine the qualities of schools, check out the website Greatschools.org, this site will provide school report cards based on reviews from teachers, parents and students.


7. To find out the crime rates in the area, go to My Local Crime. This site will pull up all local crimes, and see where exactly they were committed.


8. To get an idea of the topography of the neighborhood, use Topozone. This will give you a 3D look of the elevation of the community.


9. To find out what people do for fun in the area, the site and app called Gravy, will help. It gives you information on events in the area


10. To find a neighborhood similar to the one you are in, use Neighborhood Scout. You can filter the neighborhoods by your lifestyle preferences. You can also find similar neighborhoods around the country.


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