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Fairy Garden Flower Pots

Do you have a broken flower pot? Turn it into a fairy garden! These¬†Fairy Garden Flower Pots are so much have and are so cute! It will brighten up your yard. Here’s how to make it:


  • Broken Flower Pot
  • Cactus Soil
  • Variety of Small Succulents/Cacti
  • One Larger Succulent
  • Rainbow Fire Beads
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Small Pot
  • Mini Lantern
  • Mini Ceramic Chair


Place the Broken Pot on a Saucer. Take for Small Pieces of the Broken Pot and Glue the Beads to Each Piece. While Drying, Fill the Pot 1/4 Full with Damp Cactus Soil.

Stick a Large Broken Piece in the Soil. Pack More Soil Around It to Hold It in Place, Until the Pot is 1/2 Full. Place the Other Large Pot Piece into the Soil, Diagonally.

Pack More Soil to Hold into Place, Until the Pot is 3/4 Full. Plant the Succulents Along the Edges of the Pot Shards and Up the Soil. Place a Small Pot on the Highest Platform of Soil. Plant a Larger Succulent.

Place the Small Shards of Pot Ascending in the Soil, so They look like Steps. Place the Mini Lantern and Chair Somewhere in the Pot. Water with a Spray Bottle.

Click the link below for a video from Buzzfeed to watch one being made.


Fairy Garden Flower Pots

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