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Easy Way to Clean the Grill

Labor Day weekend is here. This is the final weekend for a lot of neighborhood pools and beaches at our local lakes. I know a lot of people will be grilling out this weekend. Cleaning your grill afterwards can be such a headache. Here is an easy way from Buzzfeed to clean your grill. You will need Olive Oil, Salt, a Potato, a Brush and a Knife. First removed the grate from the grill. Brush the olive oil onto the grate & sprinkle with salt. Cut the potato in half. Use half of the potato to scrub the grate until it is clean. Then wash the grate with soapy water & rinse it off. You will be amazed at how clean your grill is!

Click the link below for a How To video from Buzzfeed.


Easy Way to Clean the Grill

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