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Create your own Stocking Gift Card Holder

Creating your own Stocking Gift Card Holder is such a cute and fun way to give a gift card!

You will need to get wrapping paper, tape, glue ribbon & white fur.

Take a piece of wrapping paper, and fold it in half. Cut out a template of a stocking. Trace the stocking onto the wrapping paper using the inside. Make sure to create the stocking along the folded edge. Cut out the stocking, leaving he folded edge attached. Fold the paper the opposite direction, so the decorative side is on the outside. Finish the edges with a marker. Glue the fur to the trim. Add a piece of ribbon in a loop to the inside of the stocking. Tape the gift card to the stocking. You can even write a message on the inside! Glue ribbon below the fur & tie the ends to seal the stocking shut.

Click the link below for a How-To video from HGTV.


Stocking Gift Card Holder

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