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Business of the Month – The Flourish Network/Flourish Networking for Women

Welcome to our new column – Business of the Month. We will be honoring a different company each month. These businesses are ones we’ve worked with, or our clients have worked with, and highly recommend.

January’s Featured Business: The Flourish Network/Flourish Networking for Women

To FLOURISH means to “Grow Well” and to “Be Very Successful”. That is exactly what The Flourish Network and Flourish Networking for Women meet-ups, and events are all about.  Angie and I are proud members of the Flourish Network. I met Linda Barbour, the founder of Flourish, in 2012 and have been working with her ever since.

Their mission statement: “Our desire is that every single woman in business that connects with our organization, realizes that she has special gifts and talents, which can only be performed by her. There is nothing more beautiful, than seeing someone realize and walk in her divine purpose.”  Flourish’s creator, Linda Barbour, believes they are a non-compete business network for women. At their meet-ups and events, there will only be one business type represented per event, and per attendee. They are not a membership organization and registration is on a “first come first served basis“. Their network is all about growing in a noncompetitive and non-aggressive atmosphere. Their focus is “selfless networking”, because they understand the principle of supporting others in growing first, and in doing so everyone grows by default. They also believe in supporting their area communities through giving back to local charity organizations in order that others too may Flourish. They are passionate about inspiring others both in business and in community, and they would be honored to have you as a part of their network. Come join them and impact your world and those around you.

One of the passions at Flourish is to give back. A portion of the proceeds from everything they do goes to support, inspire, and uplift non-profit causes and to make a difference in the lives of others. Their main focus is helping women transitioning from safe houses as a result of domestic violence.

Some of the organizations they support are Women’s & Children’s homes and shelters, domestic violence awareness, children’s causes as it pertains to cancer and disease awareness and causes that bring awareness to the sex trafficking industry.

If you are interested in joining a Flourish group near you, you can contact Linda Barbour at 770-405-9550.




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