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We will be sharing some tips on how to prepare your home for sale, over the next couple of months.  Even if you are not selling your home this year, it is a wise idea to monitor the market.

Home repair is a discussion that we have with all of our sellers. Be sure to request a complimentary consultation at your home.  We will share with you the home repairs that will result in a higher sales price.

Many homeowners neglect to invest in repairs on their home, presumably since they’re selling the house and figure the new homeowners can take care of it. But not investing in the necessary repairs can drive down the value of your home and end up costing you a significantly higher amount of money than just handling the repairs. For example, not executing certain repairs will limit your pool of interested buyers.

Prior to listing your home, we will help evaluate any areas that might need repair. Does the interior or exterior need a fresh coat of paint? Does your flooring need to be replaced or repaired? Is there landscaping work that needs to be done?

We are here for you, when you are ready to sell your home.

All the Best, Melissa, Angie, Kim and Christina

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