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This month’s business spotlight is Kyle Perry, the owner and operator of Ultimate Sound, Disc Jockey Company. With Graduations, Wedding Season, or even the4th of July party knocking at the door we had to recognize this skilled, passionate, and hardworking individual. Kyle understands the difference between an interactive DJ and someone who just hits play. His mission is to provide the best possible experience without stealing the show and is price conscious.

The Ultimate Sound is run by an interactive DJ who is up, reading the crowd, on the microphone and even on the dance floor because Kyle’s belief is that anybody can sit behind the speakers and press play! However, in doing this, he never steals the spotlight from the guest of honor. Once the party takes off, Kyle will continue to read the crowd to determine what music needs to be played to keep the guests on the dance floor. He has always had a love for music and DJing allows him to fulfill this passion. Teaching school full time allows Kyle to keep his DJ prices low since it is not his sole source of income. Kyle’s goal is to make any party or wedding a great time without breaking the client’s budget!


To contact Kyle with questions or booking needs, please reach out to:

Ultimate Sound, Disc Jockey Company

Phone Number: (478) 986-7584

Great reviews can be found at www.facebook.com/ultimatesounddjcompany

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