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Looking for something to pass the time when the kiddos start to get stir crazy on those summer rainy days? Keeping kids actively engaged & un-bored is important to mom’s sanity. Here is a great list of cheap, easy, and fun ideas!
1. My, what a little tape on the carpet can do!
Make a masking tape targeted on your carpet. Kids take turns trying to roll it in for points.  It’s kind of like indoor boccie ball.
2. Turn empty cereal boxes into jet packs!
With some tape, construction paper, and a little imagination you can send your kids into outer space.
3. Get some magnetic letters and go fishing for words in your tub.
Put some water in the bathtub. Tie a string to a stick with a magnet at the end and you are fishing for the alphabet.
4. Pom-pom hockey.
Make hockey sticks out of empty wrapping paper tubes. Use masking tape to make a target on the floor. You can tell the kiddos to color coordinate the pom-poms or just sweep into the goal for points. Either way they will be entertained!
5. Buy a long strip of bubble wrap at your local packing store and let your kids enjoy hours of fun!
6. Bring the great outdoors inside—go indoor camping!
Build a fort, tell ghost stories, and make s’mores…in the oven!
7.  Get a roll of butcher paper and let the kids go crazy drawing and creating murals on the floor.
You will have a mural to look back on and they will have spent the day coloring their boredom away.
8. Flying School with Paper Airplanes!
Use a few poster boards to make a paper airplane target. Cut circles into the poster board and hang them around the house. It can even be a race!
9. Cut a pool noodle in half and let the kids have marble races.
Your not using that noodle today anyway. Cut it in half and lean it at an angle, the steeper the angle the faster the marbles go!
10. Balloon Tennis 
Glue paper plates to Popsicle sticks for paddles. Blow up a balloon and do not let it hit the ground!
Hopefully these boredom busting activities will help keep kids happy and make mom’s life easier! Thank you How Does She for such great ideas on how to cure the cabin fever. For more exciting and simple activities head on over to http://howdoesshe.com

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