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As summer winds down, here is a list of some fun summer backyard activities.

  1. Bubble ball pit! Everyone loves balls & when you add bubbles things get even better with this kiddie pool activity idea.
  2. Race with squirt guns and you can see who is the sharpest shooter in the group! There are many different variations from filling the cup first to stringing cups across your yard and squirt them as targets.
  3. Sidewalk chalk is always a summer must but this fizzing sidewalk paint recipe will take it up a few notches!  Clean ups only takes a little vinegar.
  4. Summer science is always fun and educational! (Don’t tell the kiddo’s) Learn how to make rainbow blocks for a fun and exciting lesson.
  5. Sand volcanos are a must whether your at the beach or just a  kids play date at the park. An extra perk; the vinegar will help kill bugs and bacteria in the sand.
  6. Decorate your sand castles with some color! Bring a touch of color to the boring, bland sand.
  7. Go on a bug hunt.  If your kids love “nature” they will love the summer kids activity of making a bug house and collecting specimens to live in their mini-buggy-hotel.
  8. Make a batch of  fail-proof bubbles with this classic summer activity recipe.
  9. At the beach this year, bring some plaster and make casts of your kids hands. It is something you will cherish and your children will enjoy!
  10. silly obstacle course made out of ropes will be an instant success! Not only will the kiddo’s be entertained for hours, they will be transported from the backyard into a spy movie.

Thank you Kids Activity blog for such exciting and affordable summer fun ideas! If you would like to see more head over to www.kidsactivitiesblog.com

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