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I love my live Christmas tree but this is another beautiful option.

1) Cover the tree stand with plastic and insert the bottom piece of your fake tree into the stand.
2) Insert the remaining sections of the tree. The average tree has 3 sections.
3) Tie all layers, besides bottom section, of the tree straight up with twine. This ensures each layer is covered with flocking.
4) Place water, with a few drops of glue, into a squirt bottle. Shake Well.
5) Spray the tree with water/glue mixture.
6) Pour a small amount of flocking through a kitchen sifter. Sift flocking onto tree branches of the bottom section.
7) Once completed on the bottom section, untie the above layer and repeat. Repeat this process on all sections until complete.
8) Spray the water and glue mixture over the entire tree once sifting is complete.
9) Let dry for 24 Hours before decorating.

Thank you to DIY With Hometalk for these easy steps and such a wonderful idea. www.facebook.com/HometalkDIY

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