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Once this rain has passed and the sun is shining those beautiful birds will come out to play. Building a bird feeder is an excellent summer project with the kiddos. To make the most of your bird watching experience, the Think Melissa Team has assembled a list of 7 great tips and ideas for bird feeders.

1) Turn an old tea light holder into a beautiful yet classy bird feeder by placing bird seed where the candles are supposed to be. Place outside and watch the birds flock to it!

2) Take an ice cream cone, dip the open top end in peanut butter. Once the top is covered roll out the cone in birdseed until completely covered. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cone then thread a string or yarn through the hole. After completion, hang your new feeder outside for the birds to enjoy!

3) Use an old wine bottle, birdhouse, and metal clasp to make a charming and adorable birdseed distributor that any bird or wine lover will enjoy.

4) Mount an old ladle on a piece of distressed wood with a screw. Remember to fill the ladle regularly with seed. The birds will love the built-in perch to their yummy meal!

5) Mix gelatin with cold water and corn syrup then add to your bird seed and place the combination into a cookie cutter or mold of your choice. Take a straw and place it into the birdseed mold where you would like the hole to be. Let harden for the amount of setting time on the gelatin packet. Once set,  remove the mold and straw. Thread a piece of twine through the hole and hang outside. 

6) Save your old coffee cans to be reused! Paint the cans your favorite colors, screw onto a plank of wood and fill with as much seed as can fit! This adorable feeder will keep the birds coming for years.

7) Clean out an old ketchup bottle and cut four slits around the top of the bottle near the lid. The slits must be large enough for your seed of choice to fit through. Take a plastic bowl and cut a hole large enough to fit over the top of the bottle. Remove the lid of the bottle, place bowl over top, and reattach the bottle lid. Poke a hole in the top of the bottle and tie a string. Hang outside and let the birdies enjoy!
If you enjoy your bird feeders, take pictures and share it with our team! We would love to see your beautiful birdies and share in your experience.

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