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As a busy mom and a business owner, I am thrilled to announce our Business of the Month. Jessica can help all of us get a jump start on dominating our dinners in 2020!

Jessica Stembridge helps busy moms get control of their dinnertime through her comprehensive meal planning process – Dominate Dinner. At her blog, Biscuits ‘n Crazy, and her Facebook Group, Dominate Dinner, she shares recipes, resources, and meal planning tips that helps give people the tools and encouragement they need to find confidence and joy in the kitchen.

Many find that their attempts at meal planning fall flat and are not sustainable. Jessica believes one of the pitfalls here is failing to consider your afternoon and evening schedule when picking meals. To help create meal plans that are more likely to be executed, she suggests first considering what’s on your calendar each day, then picking a dinner strategy (cooking an easy meal, cooking an involved meal, leftovers or eating out), and THEN deciding what you’ll cook. Too often people start with what meals they want to make for the week without truly assessing what meals will work with their schedule. To help folks start planning their meals using this framework, she created a Weekly Meal Planning Template. Click here to get your copy of the Weekly Meal Planning Template.

Jessica is a working mom of three who knows firsthand the struggles surrounding family dinnertime. As a breast cancer survivor, she also knows the power of a positive attitude, faith, and an intentional mindset to overcome life’s obstacles. Jessica loves connecting people to a process; a skill that manifests in all facets of her life: running a household, leading in the workforce, and in her dinner-dominating meal planning approach.

To learn more about Dominate Dinner, you can follow Jessica at:
Blog: www.biscuitsncrazy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/biscuitsncrazy
Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/dominatedinner/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jess_biscuitsncrazy

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