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Holy GPS, Batman! Be sure to check out this cool feature on your Waze app. For a limited time, you can have Batman or Riddler navigate you though traffic! Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman and Wally Wingert is the voice of the Riddler.

From now through October 31st, you will be able to have Batman or the Riddler be your guide through traffic! You can choose the Batmobile or Riddlers Racer as your vehicle and when using the Waze Audio Player and Spotify you are able to choose the “Waze and DC Super Hero or Super-Villain playlists.” How cool is that?!?

Who will you choose, the super hero or the villain?

Click on this link to get more information: ThinkMelissa.com/WAZE-Driving-With-Batman-and-Riddler

Thank you to 9 to 5 Google for this information and to Waze for adding some fun to our commutes!

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