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Have you ever wondered how people buy and sell homes at the same time in this crazy market? There is no magic in real estate…only skill and experience.

This process can be stressful; however, Angie and I have proven strategies which will facilitate a smoother transaction for you.

Step one is to meet with Angie or I at your home that you are selling. We will review the data analysis and our aggressive marketing campaigns. Lastly, we provide you list price recommendations.

We will have our first-rate photographer take photos of your home and store them on our cloud. You will complete your listing documents, which we will also store. This will allow us to quickly list your home once you are under contract on your new home.

Step two will be to speak with a trusted lender. They will provide you a pre-qualification letter (at no charge to you), which allows Angie and I to best protect you financially. We will then set you up on a home search portal that meets your home buying criteria.

Once you are under contract on your new home (purchase side), we will list your home for sale. After the home is under contract, Angie, myself and our team will coordinate both closings to take place on the same day.

You will close on the home that you are selling first. Those funds will be present at your second closing, which is the home that you are purchasing.

The advantage to working with our team is that we are highly experienced in dual transactions, and help our clients avoid the pitfalls that often present themselves when buying and selling at the same time.

Call Angie or I if you are thinking about buying and/or selling now or in the future. Our team is here for you when you are ready.

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