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I am thrilled to announce our June Business of the Month. Please join us in supporting one of our local artists, Victoria Barnhill.

Born and raised in California, Victoria and her family relocated to Georgia five years ago to Cobb County. On top of painting and running a business, Victoria is a wife, and a mom of three children ages 6, 7 and 8. She homeschools them and they enjoy spending lots of time together. Victoria is very active in her church.

Victoria Barnhill is an artist based out of Cobb County, Georgia. By using acrylic paint and a palette knife, Victoria creates original paintings in her signature style full of dimension, bold color, and interesting textures. Her work style lands somewhere between impressionism and expressionism. The subjects cover a wide range from beach and desert landscapes to pop art cactus and fruit. Victoria has a passion for creating patriotic art, as she loves America. Her husband is a Scout Sniper Marine Veteran. You will love Victoria’s passion and skill that is so vivid in her paintings.

Primarily selling from her website, Victoria sells original paintings and takes private commissions as well. She shares behind the scenes of her painting process on her Instagram, and many of her painting videos have gone viral.

To purchase art or make a commission request, visit www.VictoriaBarnhill.com.

You can email Victoria Barnhill Fine Art at: admin@victoriabarnhill.com

Click Here to view behind the scenes of Victoria’s paintings.

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