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We are thrilled to announce our August Business of the Month. Join us in supporting one of our local businesses, Fresh Coat Painters of West Atlanta.

Alex Deleon has owned and managed his painting business, Fresh Coat Painters of West Atlanta, for over 7 years. Previously he worked as an engineer on a leading edge of the telecommunications industry. Alex feels that there are different and varying challenges in both careers. 

Alex and his wife have been married for 34 years and they have 4 beautiful children.   

Fresh Coat Painters of West Atlanta provides both interior and exterior painting services, with a customer satisfaction guarantee.  The services can include the associated repairs prior to painting. On the exterior, it could be replacing rotted wood and damaged siding, caulking cracks and seems, repairs on decks, etc.  On the interior they can replace and skim-coat drywall, replace damaged trim, add crown molding, etc.

Fresh Coat Painters of West Atlanta’s mission statement is to provide professional and best-in-class painting services.  

Call them today to set up your for a free quotes and to set up your appointment.

Phone: 678-744-5447. 

Click Here to visit their website.

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