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Are you wanting to sell and buy but not sure how to do so at the same time? There are several ways to do so.  Angie Chavez and I work hard to ensure our clients are not left homeless.

Here is a solution that will help remove some of the stress of buying and selling simultaneously. There is a new program called Knock that will allow you to buy first and sell later. This program is designed for those with at least 30% equity in their home, which most homeowners have now. The program will allow you to leverage 30% of your home’s equity to put down on your new home. In addition, they will give up to $35K in repair / update money if needed on your current home to get it ready to sell. This program allows you up to six months to sell your current home. Knock gives you the power to submit an offer on a new home without a contingency. In today’s swift market it’s critical to not have a home sale contingency in your offer.  

With this program there are no double moves, no double mortgages and no living through repairs or showings!  

Angie Chavez and I are both Knock certified agents and look forward to speaking with you further!

Angie and I have over 30 years of experience.  We would love an opportunity to earn your trust.

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